Distribution of ski accessories

We have a wide variety of ski accessories where we highlight individual tunnels and double ribbons. They are built with top quality materials, where we have a large number of different finishes; such as wood, corrugated steel, larch wood shingles, slate, ornaments, etc. The windows give a great feeling of freedom and are built with polycarbonate. In this way we gain in thermal resistance, hardness, lightness, thermal insulation, etc.

Thanks to the tunnels we can extend the life of the belts, as they protect from rain, snowfall and adverse weather effects. A tunnel can feel closed and for some people even claustrophobic, but thanks to the large polycarbonate windows they give a feeling of freedom and you can also observe your surroundings. Emergency exits can be installed every 6 m and be equipped for solid glass sliding doors. They can even be illuminated at night, so it will stand out among the high. Great advantages such as maintenance and simple operations for the equipment that operates it and good protection against wind and weather for skiers.

  • Wide variety of materials and designs.
  • Top quality materials
  • Weather resistant and adverse conditions.