The lockers are a great invention to keep all the equipment tidy, safe and about to use it again. Thanks to the great security they offer through 3-point doors and with options for closing by code, key, pass or RFID security, the equipment is left safe. We have different finishes, but pine wood is a great advantage, since it brings a spiritual mountain charm and conveys a high quality image. In addition, as they have dryers inside, the equipment can be reused as the first time. Thanks to the hot air ventilation system, it limits the development of bad odors and extends the life of the equipment.

It reduces storage space, guarantees efficient and economical drying, provides design and ease of use. All products convenient robustness, modularity and integration capacity in your area. Ski rental is an important part of business and profitability, and equipment storage and drying facilities are a predominant part of the stores. Given its high visibility, it is essential that the appearance and feel of the storage equipment add value to the space where they are located.

  • High security.
  • Premium comfort quality.
  • Good organization optimization.