Conveyor belts

Our SUNKID conveyor belts have been developed for the toughest conditions for outdoor use of ski areas, as they are very weather resistant. In this way they can be placed in any establishment and location. They are designed to carry goods and up to 3000 people per hour!

Conveyor belts are a great help when transporting goods or people, so they have many advantages, such as allowing the transport of people and materials over long distances, they adapt to the terrain, they have a great transport capacity, they can transport a wide variety of materials and does not alter them, loading and unloading is possible at any point of the route and can be moved to better adapt to the needs of each one. The Sunkid conveyor belt is the original since 1996, complies with EN 15700 (safety for conveyor belts for winter and leisure sports). It is not just an ordinary conveyor belt, since it has been developed for more than two decades as an aid to climb in ski schools.

  • Capacity up to 3000 people per hour.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Durable and efficient materials.